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The Territory is growing

A total of the former Soviet Union more than 10 known species. Of the wild species in the forests of Europe and the Caucasus grows apple forest, wild (malus sylvestris); in Asia Minor, Iran, Crimea and the Caucasus — apple eastern, Caucasian (malus orientalis); in China, Mongolia, the Primorsky Region, Eastern Siberia — Siberian apple, berry (malus baccata); in the forests of the Tien Shan — apple Nedzvetskogo (malus niedzwetzryana); in North America (Mississippi Valley) — apple Sulyarda (malus soulardi).

Jablonna divorce in most areas with a temperate climate. Commercial orchards are located in places where there are no extreme temperatures, fertile soil and enough water for irrigation. The main world producers of fruit — Germany, Italy, France, Spain, China, Japan, USA, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. About half are sold apples class «Delicious» and «Golden Delicious», which are most prevalent in the United States. Both of these varieties can grow in a wide range of conditions.

In gardens median strip Russia grow: early «Kitayka gold» (Grade michurinsky), «Grushovka Moscow» (old type), «Papirovka» (one of the best summer classes), «White core» (differs particularly strong and sweet fruit); autumn «Korichnoe striped» (the fruit of good saves in the form jams), «Anis» (old Russian class), «Belfler kitayka» (michurinsky dessert, the best among autumn varieties), and the most popular winter — «Antonovka» (sort of good old Russian Fresh, for any processing and storage of fruit).

In the gardens of southern strip allocated: resistant to the fruits of storage class — «Rosemary», aromatic dessert «White winter kalvil»; numerous renety: «renet Paper», «Red saffron», «Striped saffron»; sinapy: «Kandil-sinap», «Sari-sinap»; «Aport» (especially qualitative Alma-Ata).

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