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Grandma — one of the best Russian folk apple breeding, particularly valuable that persists for a long time (to pozdnezimnim classes). Divorce near Moscow and south of it; should think that even near Petersburg is still an apple can vyzrevat.

It belongs to this class kalvilyam.

The value of the average apple (6—7 cm height and width — 7—7,5 cm), or more than average. Form ploskovataya with truncated apex; on the surface were very noticeable stupid broad rib. Calyx closed, with listikami convergent; calyx sits in the spacious cavity surrounded by folds and small ribs, which are sometimes run along the edges cup cavity in the form of convex.

Stem short, about 1 ½ cm, fairly thick, not coming out of depression. Acetabulum (crater) is covered with a thin stalk Striped rust, it usually undergo several ribs splyusnutoy bottom surface.

Peel the fruit is brilliant, and not oily, very thick, first green, and on maturity in lezhke — beautiful yellow-green; erubescence or does not, or he observed only about stalk or on the solar side, the skin there are a few rust spots .

The flesh white, fine-grained, juicy, very light wine-acid taste: more sour than sweet, with very peculiar taste and aroma. The seeds are fairly large, elongated, light brown colour.

This excellent dessert sort consumed fresh, is an excellent raw material for cooking and jam and mix remains close to new apples.

Wood srednerosloe, with shirokookrugloy raskidistoy crown, moderately fertile. With maturity much fruit crumble.

At the end of XIX — early XX century Babushkino thought apple variety, which was to form the basis of industrial average Gardens Russia.

Now another sort is found in gardens median strip Russia, although excluded from Gosreestra.

With the participation Babushkina created several new varieties (such as new Antonovka — Class SF Chernenko from the crossover Babushkina and Antonovki ordinary).

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