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Apple zapyatovidnaya schitovka

Apple zapyatovidnaya schitovka — (Latin Lepidosaphes ulmi), family schitovok squad ravnokrylyh proboscidean, pest. It feeds forest rocks and bushes. Hits per apple. Reproduces holds the eggs in the crust during August. Larvae living under the bark, feed on tree juices.

Apple tree aphid

Apple aphid (Latin Aphis pomi) — an insect of the family of aphids (Latin Aphidae). Of the wintering testicles, deferred to the Koryo young branches of apple, pear, quince, hawthorn and other fruit trees, larvae hatch in early spring females, the founders of the colonies; adult females green with a reddish head; antennae whitish, back and tail black tubes; length of about 2 mm. Females give birth to these young parthenogenetic 20—40; during May and June is developing several generations of wingless females, living on the underside of the leaves and young shoots. Then there is a generation of winged females in black with a green belly; extreme individuals from taking place wingless females and males cruise or wingless. After fertilization females delaying winter eggs. In the largest number of apple aphid occurs in June and September. Apple tree aphid prevalent in much of Europe. From her sucking leaves apple collapses, the young shoots cherneyut, and plants are suffering greatly under strong reproduction tli (especially in nurseries).

Against it, as against other aphids, recommended spraying trees various emulsion (the mixture of kerosene with soap and water) and Paris green.

Apple tsvetoed

Apple tsvetoed — (Latin Anthonomus pomorum), an insect family weevils (Curculionidae) detachment beetles, vselskohozyaystvenny pest. It feeds vzbuhshimi kidneys apple or pear. Zhuk small size and dark color. Eggs postpones inward flower Bud. Larva vygryzaet inflorescence from inside and glued it by its secretions, after which it is not dissolved.

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